What Happens When You Sell Your Startup?

May 6, 2019 Dave McKenna 0

Pay Day! The fourth and final installment from CrunchBase on the VC-backed start-up life cycle. by Jason D. Rowley in Chruchbase October 17, 2017 Entrepreneurship is not just about starting businesses. Getting out on the […]


What VCs Are Really, Really Investing In

April 4, 2019 Dave McKenna 0

The founder/CEO is the single most important factor a VC considers when deciding to invest in a start-up. A strong product, sound economics, a sizable market are all prereqs. The intangibles of tenacity, leadership, agility […]


SaaS Valuations Roaring Back

February 12, 2019 Dave McKenna 0

Morning Markets: Welcome to SaaS groundhog day, when modern software companies can again add a zero to their revenue to find their valuation. by Alex Wilhelm in CrunchBase February 11, 2019 According to a key […]

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