What VCs Are Really, Really Investing In

April 4, 2019 Dave McKenna 0

The founder/CEO is the single most important factor a VC considers when deciding to invest in a start-up. A strong product, sound economics, a sizable market are all prereqs. The intangibles of tenacity, leadership, agility […]


Start-up Detroit? Time to Take a Look

February 25, 2019 Dave McKenna 0

by Natasha Mascarehnas in Crunchbase on February 22,2019 When Patti Glaza joined the tech industry over 20 years ago, she said there were maybe three venture capital firms in the entire state of Michigan. But […]


SaaS Valuations Roaring Back

February 12, 2019 Dave McKenna 0

Morning Markets: Welcome to SaaS groundhog day, when modern software companies can again add a zero to their revenue to find their valuation. by Alex Wilhelm in CrunchBase February 11, 2019 According to a key […]

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