September 22, 2019

From the Editor

From the Editor

Management Lessons from a Septic Tank

May 9, 2019 0

Another installment in my series of management meditations from household projects by Dave McKenna May 9, 2019 Something about home ownership makes me philosophical. Here’s another installment in my occasional series on management insights gained […]

From the Editor

One Brick at a Time

February 6, 2019 0

by Dave McKenna – Editor February 6, 2019 It’s February in Dallas and the bricks on my front porch are covered in mold. The wife is concerned for the safety of the Amazon Prime delivery […]

From the Editor

Three Virtues All Leaders Possess

January 9, 2019 0

Virtue means to pursue a higher standard. Authentic leadership is grounded in standards and measured by the success in approaching them.. by Dave McKenna, Editor of SaaS Executive September 30, 2017 It may sound strange […]

From the Editor

Lesson 3 – Good Crew. Bad Crew

December 19, 2016 0

This is the third installment of my Sailing Lessons Series, we look at some qualities to find in your crew. In this series I explore a few good management lessons I’ve learned sailing my small boat. […]

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  • Solving the Riddle of How Companies Grow Over Time September 20, 2019
    Can company growth rates persist over long periods of time? A new study of long-lasting enterprises might make CEOs rethink their strategies, says Gary Pisano.
  • Female Inventors and Inventions September 18, 2019
    Does the gender of inventors make a difference for who benefits from their inventions? An analysis by Rembrand Koning and colleagues shows that research teams with women were more likely to produce patents addressing women’s health conditions.
  • Using Models to Persuade September 18, 2019
    “Model persuasion” happens when would-be persuaders offer receivers a streamlined way of understanding data they already know, especially when the data is open to interpretation. Using examples from finance, politics, and law, the authors find that truthtellers do not eliminate the impact of misleading persuasion because wrong models may better fit the past than correct […]
  • WeWork—The IPO That Shouldn’t? September 18, 2019
    WeWork's IPO has been one of the most debated in recent memory. But the real controversy, says Nori Gerardo Lietz, is what is contained in the company's prospectus.
  • How a New Leader Broke Through a Culture of Accuse, Blame, and Criticize September 17, 2019
    Children’s Hospital & Clinics COO Julie Morath sets out to change the culture there by instituting a policy of blameless reporting, which encourages employees to report anything that goes wrong or seems substandard without fear of reprisal for the act of reporting. Professor Amy Edmondson discusses getting an organization into the “High Performance Zone” by […]